ENplus certification scheme for wood pellets

ENplus (http://www.enplus-pellets.eu) is EU-wide quality certification scheme for wood pellets, based on an ISO standard – ISO 17225-2. The aim of the ENplus certification scheme for wood pellets is to secure the supply of wood pellets for heating in residential, commercial and public buildings with a clearly defined and constant quality. ENplus covers the entire supply chain of wood pellets: from the production and delivery chain of wood pellets all the way to the end user’s store.

The key components of the certification scheme are:

  • Definition of quality classes and specification of wood pellet properties
  • Provisions on the quality management of pellet producers, traders and service providers
  • Requirements on product declaration and use of the Certification Seal
  • Listing of bodies, licensing and revoking, training
  • Inspection and conformity evaluation of products, processes, and documents within the relevant standards and the provisions


Producers and traders of wood pellets are subjected to independent audits of their processes, and samples of the product are tested to ensure compliance with the standards.

Every certified producer and trader of wood pellets has a unique Certification Seal which consists of the ENplus Logo and a unique ENplus ID (see example certification seal for wood pellet producer in Belgium).

The ENplus certification scheme defines three wood pellet quality classes – ENplus A1, ENplus A2, ENplus B – based on their properties. Each of the quality classes has a unique quality logo that is used in combination with the Certification Seal. The combination of the quality logo and the certification Seal is named the Quality Seal (see examples of Quality Seals for the quality classes ENplus A1, ENplus A2, ENplus B).

Pellet bags are a packaging unit for the retail market. Pellet bags may contain up to 30 kg of pellets of the quality classes ENplus A1 or ENplus A2. Bagging pellets of quality class ENplus B is not allowed.

Benefits of ENplus certification:

  • Well known worldwide, with global production and large supply base
  • Well defined quality requirements which are maintained until the end-user
  • Quality is assured by the ENplus seal