Biomass Fuels

ENplus certification scheme for wood pellets

ENplus ( is EU-wide quality certification scheme for wood pellets, based on an ISO standard – ISO 17225-2. The aim of the ENplus certification scheme for wood pellets is to secure the supply of wood pellets for heating in residential, commercial and public buildings with a clearly defined and constant quality. ENplus covers the entire supply chain of wood pellets: from the production and delivery chain of wood pellets all the way to the end user’s store.
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Technical standards are rules which aim at providing a standardized and comparative biomass fuels and have been prepared for the fuels of wood pellets, wood briquettes, wood chips/hog fuel, split logs and agropellets. They define requirements for biomass fuels and define how the observance of such requirements is checked.
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Biomass Fuels for heating

Main biomass fuels for heating comprise raw materials from forestry and wood processing industries
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