How to Heat Wisely with Biomass in the Western Balkans?

For advancing changes to sustainable and efficient biomass-based heating, a comprehensive roadmap through 2030 need to be implemented.

Best Burn Practices

Get the best efficiency from your biomass heating appliance

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Biomass Fuels

Ensure you are getting the most heat and the least emissions by selecting best biomass fuel for your appliance

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Biomass Heating Appliances

The benefits and disadvantages of the main types of biomass heating systems - to make a decision about what system best fulfills your personal heating needs

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Cost of Biomass Heating

What's the cost of heating with biomass compared to alternatives

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Did you know?

Facts about biomass-based heating in the Western Balkans.


A glossary of biomass heating terms that you might find useful when researching biomass information



Latest News

Construction of soya straw-fired CHP unit in Belgrade

Construction of straw-fired CHP unit in Belgrade, Serbia, for the production of heat and electric energy should be completed in 2018. Total value of the project is 8 M EUR, developed and implemented by Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The city of Belgrade and the Government of Serbia co-financed project with 1.5 M EUR.
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Use of agricultural residues for District Heating

The only District Heating plant fueled with agricultural residues – sunflower husks, commissioned in 2012, is located in Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia). Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) invested 2.5 M EUR into construction of biomass boiler (installed capacity of 18 MW), used for heating of 3,500 apartments in multistory buildings and 80,000 sq. meters of commercial offices.
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Heat Entrepreneurship in Finland

In the beginning of the 1990s some Finnish municipalities started to invest in biomass heating systems for municipal buildings, such as schools and old-age homes (output <1MW). At the same time farmers established new form of rural enterprises, so called “heat entrepreneurs.”
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